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How do I sell crypto (Cash out) with Bleap?
How do I sell crypto (Cash out) with Bleap?
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Selling crypto - Cash out - allows you to sell your crypto and have FIAT deposited into your bank account.

First, you must:

  1. Connect your wallet to Bleap (see the article How to connect your wallet)

  2. Verify your identity (see the article How to verify your identity)

Now selling crypto.

  1. Go to the Home screen

  2. Select Cash out

  3. Enter the amount and token you want to sell from your wallet (see the article Supported Networks)

  4. Click “Bank Account”

  5. Select a bank account you used before or add a new bank account - it should be in your name

  6. Review the transaction and hit send

  7. Approve the transaction from your wallet

We will process the transaction as soon as we receive the crypto payment. The FIAT transfer will land on your bank account instantly if your bank supports FPS (GBP) or SEPAInst (EUR) or the next day if your bank only supports SEPA (EUR).

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